The sound of friendship

After years of running in similar circles of musicians and creatives, Twin Cities-based composer/producer Chris Bartels and designer/producer Ethan Cook began to collaborate heavily in spring of 2018 on a diverse array of projects—Chris largely handling the music and sound design side and Ethan tending to branding, art direction, and visuals.

This budding creative friendship soon led to a dream of crafting unique sample packs and virtual instruments that are designed to thoughtfully inspire musicians and creatives—not simply cash in on a moment or trend. Anthem Falls Sound aims to the infuse the quality associated with much larger sample and virtual instrument makers despite being a “side hustle” (for now) of two guys with day jobs.

That’s a little bit about us. However, we know that most of our story will actually be told by you and what you create with what we’ve made. In fact, that’s what we’re most excited about!