Our License

At Anthem Falls Sound we want to make inspiring sample packs and instruments that fuel your creativity, not hinder it, so the last thing we want to do is create a complicated license filled with jargon and legalese that gets in the way of your workflow.

However, we also feel it’s important to lay out some simple ground rules regarding the use of our sample packs and instruments—for your benefit and ours.

• Anthem Falls Sound is the sole owner and licensor of all sounds sold on this site and through other services we may use to deliver content.

• When you purchase or are given sounds from us, you are purchasing/receiving a non-transferable license to use the sounds in your works.

• You can use Anthem Falls Sound sounds in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects, however you may not redistribute our products in any way by themselves.

• All sounds sold on this site or through other methods of content delivery are 100% royalty free.

That’s it. Pretty simple. Of course if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out HERE. Now get creating!